Why is winter the best time to get a tattoo?

Why is winter the best time to get a tattoo?


The months of November to February when the weather is at it coldest in most parts of the world is the ideal time to get yourself a tattoo. Top tattoo artists in Bangalore believe that the harsh summer months with its blazing heat makes it a challenge to manage freshly inked skin. Winters on the other hand gives you the luxury of being covered up in layers of clothing thanks to the cooler temperature, which in turn makes it easy on your newly tattooed skin.

Do you have a classic tattoo design in mind, but not sure when to get inked? Here we give you three reasons why getting a tattoo in winter can be ideal for your skin.


Summer is the season of shorts and tank tops. Covering yourself up in thick or long-sleeved clothes under to protect your tattoo from fading can be a suffocating experience. Not to forget how the constant sweating can irritate a newly tattooed skin. Gift yourself the luxury of a slow healing experience by getting inked in the winter. Your tattoo artist will advise you to cover the artwork for a considerate amount of time for your skin to cope and recover. Although the UV rays during the winter can still be as harsh as the summers, you would inadvertently be wearing layers of clothes to stay warm in the cooler weather. Since you do not have to put any extra effort to cover your tattooed skin, there will be considerately less amount of stress associated with tattoo management.

Less fading of bright colours

Top tattoo parlours in Bangalore suggest winter as the best time to get coloured tattoos. If the skin is exposed to harsh sunlight, strong dry winds, or other outside elements, the chance for the colours to fade is high. During winter, there is less chance of prolonged exposure to higher temperatures and people tend to wear clothes with long sleeves, or high colours more often. This can play a significant role in preventing colour loss.

Shorter waiting time

Summer is almost the worst time to get a tattoo, but tattoo artists are the busiest during this time. During winters, the crowd is less so you can book an appointment with fewer hassles. The artists will also have more time to put their best work and create the perfect tattoo for you.

Get tattooed in winter and flaunt it in summer!

At Trippink Tattoos, one of the best tattoo studio in Bangalore, our artists cater to your needs around the year. We highly recommend winter as the best time to get a tattoo especially for people who are getting inked for the first time. The cooler winter weather gives your skin the time to heal so that you can be ready to flaunt your tattoo when summer comes knocking.

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