Tattoo Training

We offer professional tattoo training in Bangalore, India for aspiring tattoo artists having an interest and ability in drawing and sketching. This course will facilitate you to match up to the highest professional standards in the tattoo industry providing you with extensive knowledge not only about how to tattoo but also about how to be a part of the professional tattoo business fraternity across the globe. Please note that tattoo apprenticeship is a serious and full time training course wherein you should be able to immerse yourself completely into learning the art of tattooing and be ready to work hard for the full span of this schedule with 100% of your capacity and dedication. In this period you should maintain excellent personal hygiene and not be pre-occupied with another job of any kind.

Before you call us with any questions regarding our tattoo apprenticeship program, kindly go through every aspect of this article very carefully. You will not be entertained or taken seriously if you ask about things that are already mentioned here on this page.

Apprenticeship Fees

We offer several customized course modules suitable for aspiring professional tattoo artists, hobby students and as well as other working professionals as mentioned below. The course fees for the selected program should be paid in full at the time of joining. There will be NO REFUNDS if the apprentice leaves in between at his/her own will, gets fired for some unfortunate reasons or in the occurrence of any event where the apprentice fails to complete the full course due to some unpredictable circumstances.

1-month part-time course (2 days/week) : Rs.15000/-

1-month full-time course (6 days/week) : Rs.30000/-

3-months full-time course (6 days/week) : Rs.75000/-

6-months full-time course (6 days/week) : Rs.1,50,000/-

NOTE: The above fees will include all basic materials required to learn the art. At the beginning of PHASE II, the apprentice will be guided to buy his/her personal tattoo equipment (exclusive of the fees) according to his/her style and affordability. Materials required for extra projects outside the specified curriculum will also be charged as per actuals.


Course Duration

As explained above – Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Training Schedules will last for 1 month, 3 months and 6 months respectively (excluding leaves or absence by either the master or the apprentice). The apprentice may choose/customize a suitable program depending on his/her expertise level. The whole comprehensive full-time curriculum is divided into two phases as follows.


Duration : 3 months (6 hours/day : 30 hours/week)

Managerial Training
  1. Observing our team learn how to build a lasting relationship with clients
  2. Taking responsibility for supply orders and maintaining inventory
  3. Learning how to handle appointments, emails, and phone calls
  4. Learning the basics of website maintenance, social networking, and field promotions
  5. Taking responsibility as a personal assistant to our core tattoo artists
  6. Compiling client data for future business management
  7. Photographing tattoos
Knowledge Training
  1. Reading about accomplished tattoo artists across the world
  2. Researching about different tattoo styles and the latest equipment used today
  3. Observing and learning how to develop a tattoo concept into a design
  4. Learning and executing sterilization procedures
  5. Learning about tattoo machines (coil and rotary)
  6. Learning about different needles and their uses
  7. Knowing tattoo after care guidelines
Tattoo Training
  1. Painting and drawing exercises
  2. Developing custom tattoo designs
  3. Using tattoo machines (coil and rotary) on practice skins
  4. Using different needles for lining, shading, and coloring
  5. Observing the masters at work to acquire basic techniques
  6. A detailed explanation of advanced tattoo tricks & techniques
  7. Developing an impressive artwork and practice skin portfolio


Duration : 3 months (6 hours/day : 30 hours/week)

Most activities of PHASE I will continue in PHASE II with increased speed and efficiency.

Additionally, the apprentice will start tattooing on human volunteers including him/herself. Only after gaining enough confidence and a green signal from the master he/she will get an opportunity to try his/her hands on real clients for a nominal stipend.

  1. Acquisition of apprentice’s own tattooing equipment
  2. One tattoo from the master to the apprentice (included in the course fee)
  3. Three small tattoos by the apprentice on him/herself
  4. Apprentice starts making actual tattoos on ‘volunteers’ for free with real-time guidance
  5. Apprentice completes a minimum of 30 hours tattooing on real clients @ 10% of the total price
  6. Access to major tattoo supply companies, and every product necessary for tattooing
  7. Opportunity for employment after the completion of an apprenticeship
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With a vision to expand TRIPPINK Tattoos with more tattoo artists at work, we invite applications from sincere and trained tattoo artists and dedicated tattoo enthusiasts for the following positions :-
  1. Tattoo artist – requires very good drawing skills and proficient shading techniques. Should also have the ability to create custom designs according to the client’s specific needs.
  2. Studio manager – requires great public relation skills, online social networking know-how, and effective brand marketing techniques. Should also know the basics of Corel Draw, Photoshop, and Website Maintenance.
Feel free to send us your CV and portfolio to our email address or WhatsApp our founder/head artist Ritopriyo Saha to +91 9748298107.