Why Do Tattoos Get Blurry and Fade Over Time

Why Do Tattoos Get Blurry and Fade Over Time


Tattoos hold a significant meaning for its bearers and tattoo fading is a great concern for many people. There are many reasons for fading and with age, it is inevitable that you lose some of the sheen and sharpness of your tattoo.

7 major reasons for tattoo fading

  • Skin tanning: Indian summers last for a major part of the year, which makes skin tanning without proper care inevitable. Tattoos that are not protected with the right sunscreen and are exposed to the harsh UV rays tend to fade faster.
  • Tattoo placement on the body: Tattoos on visible parts of the body that are exposed to sunlight have a higher chance of blurring or fading. Shoulder blades, palms, feet, fingers and toes are favourite areas to be tattooed but also fade out soon.
  • Ink and equipment quality: Inks with high quality pigments and lesser chemicals prolong the life of the tattoo. The lines also remain sharp when the needle and metal used to penetrate the tattoo ink to the skin’s dermis is of superior quality.
  • Tattoo design: Intricate tattoo designs that are closely placed together have a greater chance of blurring or fading at the lines. The tattoos, as the skin ages, may end up looking like a blurry mess.
  • Healing of the tattoo: Not following care instructions during the healing process can have long term repercussions and can reduce the quality of your new tattoo.
  • Poor skincare: Using rough scrubs or cleansing products that contain certain harsh chemicals can slowly rip the skin off the tattoo pigments.
  • Aging and its effects on the skin: Skin sags and loses it elasticity as we age, it is an inevitable process. With the loss of collagen, tattoos tend to shrink and blur.

Tips that can help avoid tattoo fading

Tattoo fading can occur due to poor care habits. You can follow the below steps to improve the quality and longevity of your tattoo.

  • Use a tattoo-friendly sunscreen and special skincare creams that are recommended for tattooed skin.
  • Use a tattoo-friendly sunscreen and special skincare creams that are recommended for tattooed skin.
  • Avoid using rough granule scrub on the tattooed area
  • If you are considering a new tattoo that will last long, choose an area that will not be exposed to the sun for long
  • Do not use a blunt razor on the tattooed area
  • Allow a fresh tattoo to heal completely and protect it from outside elements
  • Choose a less intricate tattoo design for easy touch ups
  • Regular touch ups can help to maintain the quality of your tattoo
  • Visit a renowned and trustable tattoo studio that use high quality ink and equipment

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