Welcome to TRIPPINK TATTOOS, Bangalore's finest tattoo artists' studio. With sound experience in the art of tattoos since 2007, we always try to give you a memorable tattoo experience like none other. We work hard to put forward the best in creativity and quality, guiding you through the tattoo process step by step. Voted as one of the best tattoo shops in Bangalore by Bangalore Mirror, DNA Bangalore and India Today Women, we are known for meticulously inspecting all aspects of precautionary safety and hygiene, ensuring the best health standards for our clients. We use state of the art tattoo machines, high precision needles and natural tattoo pigments for the best and long lasting results. A light and homely ambiance is maintained inside the studio with soothing music and books to read in order to facilitate a worthwhile, easy and enjoyable tattoo session. Come in with a dream, and we shall leave you inspired forever.



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About Us

TRIPPINK TATTOOS was started by painter, sculptor and tattoo artist Ritopriyo Saha in Bangalore in the summer of 2007. His first inspiration came from a college friend who used to tattoo close friends as a hobby. Soon after, Ritopriyo quit his software studies and started training in the art of tattoos. For more than a year he read, researched, visited prominent tattoo artists in the industry to learn more about the profession, gradually evolving in his skills and use of latest equipments over the next few years. With more than 9 years experience in this field of work, Ritopriyo has received a lot of love and prominence from tattoo lovers all over as well as fellow tattoo artists across the country.

Joining hands with TRIPPINK TATTOOS from 2015, Sachin Shamarao, an IT professional turned tattoo artist from Bangalore is also extremely passionate about arts. A master in pencil artwork, Sachin has been dabbling in free style sketching from his childhood and has thereafter directed his creative energy into honing his tattoo skills. He is a professionally trained tattoo artist and has been practicing this art since 2008. Apart from our store house of talent, we are also known for being very helpful, humble and understanding in our approach towards our clients. Together as a team, TRIPPINK TATTOOS is now considered to be one of the best professional tattoo studios to visit in India, hence making us proud to host and share an extensive portfolio of clients.

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Our Artists

Our creative team of senior artists that is making everything possible


Ritopriyo Saha
Painter,Seulptor,Senior Tattoo Artist


Sachin Shamarao
EX-IBM, Illustrator, Senior Tattoo Artist

Bishop & Dragonfly Rotary Machines

Safe & Hygienic Ambiance

Micky Sharpz & Deutschland Coil Machines

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are tattoos safe and do they hurt?

Yes, tattoos are absolutely safe as long as you go to a reputable artist who is following all recommended safety precautions. As for the pain, it is best to compare it to a “hot scratching sensation”. Yes, it hurts a bit for the first few minutes after which your body gets used to it. Everyone has a different tolerance to pain and for most of us pain is not a regular experience in our daily lives, but the beauty of a well done tattoo and the pride associated with having a piece of artwork permanently on your body far outweighs the temporary burning sensation on your skin.

2) What safety precautions should I check for before getting a tattoo?

1. Always check for new sterile needles being removed from a sealed pack or an autoclave bag in front of you for each and every tattoo session. After completing a session, a professional will destroy and dispose off used needles in a sharps container.
2. Ointment, ink, water and other fluid items should be freshly poured into sterile containers or cups for your use only, and should not be returned to a universal container after it has been used for a client.
3. Make sure the artist is wearing new gloves all the way through a tattoo process.
4. Ask if the artist is vaccinated for Hepatitis B (as it is the most common infection which is spread through unsafe methods of tattooing). If they are not vaccinated, just be sure that they are following the other safety guidelines to prevent cross-contamination.
5. Ask about what training your artist has taken and completed. Always ask to see examples of the artist's finished work. Photos should be openly available for all visitors and clients to see.

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Custom Designs

Experienced Artists

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Tattoo Apprenticeship

We offer professional tattoo training in Bangalore, India for aspiring tattoo artists having an interest and ability in drawing and sketching. This course will facilitate you to match up to the highest professional standards in the tattoo industry providing you with extensive knowledge not only about how to tattoo but also about how to be a part of the professional tattoo business fraternity across the globe. Please note that tattoo apprenticeship is a serious and full time training course wherein you should be able to immerse yourself completely into learning the art of tattooing and be ready to work hard for the full span of this schedule with 100% of your capacity and dedication. In this period you should maintain excellent personal hygiene and not be pre-occupied with another job of any kind.

Before you call us for any questions regarding our tattoo apprenticeship program, kindly go through every aspect of this article very carefully. You will not be entertained or taken seriously if you ask about things which are already mentioned next page please click learn more.

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Intenze & Eternal Tattoo Colors

Critical Power Supply

High Precision Sterile Needles

Some of our happy clients

Recently I got a tattoo done in TRIPPINK Tattoos. Symbolism and meaning is by far one of the most important aspects of the tattoo industry. “The abstract emotions and human awareness of emotions show what really is going on in one’s life. For that reason tattooing is a form of self-expression.... The feeling of exhilaration you feel when it’s done is indescribable... I made a right choice of place and the artist... planning to visit TRIPPINK very soon again... Last but not the least, thanks a lot Sachin (artist) for making every effort in making the tattoo look the way I was expecting it to be.... I am busy showing off n flaunting my tattoo...

Peddasetty Subhakar

A path taken in a small house to incept the idea of an artist and a small family, with less conveniences but with more senses to show the world that we mean more than just mere soldiers following the commandments. We had degrees to make towards but found more judgment in TRIPPINK. This venture has the potential to touch the moon and come back with energy to show a new birth amidst the chaos which surrounds us. In these times of short on quality and high on quantity it’s a blessing to have the honour to be a part of this personification of beauty and creativity. A true thin skinhead with a tall character proving to the world that he is here to change your life. Just with ink and a needle. It’s hard to describe it as an experience as the energy TRIPPINK emits will be a part of you as you are an evident part of it. The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.

Darshan Dwarkanath C.M

TRIPPINK in Bangalore has been quite a name among the people, who like to portray their thoughts and ideas through amazing body art work. A beloved friend, Ritopriyo Saha (the founder) is a veteran tattoo artist and a brilliant artist in other forms of art as well. Be it your own design or you have an idea & want to get a design or already have a tattoo and need customization - TRIPPINK is the place to go, and Rito the Artist is the Man for you to get your design in an amazing ink art with all the detailing you seek. I have 3 tattoos from TRIPPINK and couldn t have asked for anything better.

Gaurav Chowdhary

Sachin and Rito !! U guys are amazing and super talented! I would say one of the most talented tattoo artists in Bangalore!! Just love your works!! All the best guys!!

Sachin Gowda

I believe more than being professional, these guys make you feel comfortable when the needle is pinching you deep. Got my first tattoo done from here and Im sure few more to come soon from this den.

Hasneet Singh

This is the result of having faith and following ones dream. Your awesome work deserves tons of success and Im sure this is the door leading to it. Way to go! Best of luck!

Aruna Padmanabhan

I got my first tattoo from Sachin... He is a gifted tattoo artist... Words fall short to express my happiness seeing my tattoo... Thanks a lot Sachin...

Abitha Ravishankar

If you want to flaunt the best tattoo... please dont think twice to get it inked here! Sachin does an amazing job... not giving u a single chance to regret!

Durga Chowdary

Got 4 tattoos done and planning for more... his new creations keep tempting me

CA Neha Modi

Amazing work and very good designs - check this out!

Ananya Saha

Got my first tattoo here:) Loved the design and experience.

Manga P

The best tattoo place I have seen in Bangalore, cheers Sachin! You are doing an awesome work..

Mukesh murthy

Ink with an experience! Wonderful!! Can not wait to get inked again...definitely a five star!!!!

Srinivas Prasad

Very good tattoo's in bangalore


Superb tattoos in bangalore....!!!!

Shreedar Bangalore

The place is good... Ritopriyo is excellent and extremely talented... Got my long pending tattoo done here... And wanna get 2 more before I leave Bangalore this Thursday....


The place is good... Ritopriyo is excellent and extremely talented... Got my long pending tattoo done here... And wanna get 2 more before I leave Bangalore this Thursday....


It waas a first time experience and the experience was overwhelming. Was anticipated about the pain but to be frank there was hardly any. Rito is experienced and smooth at his work.. A second visit is a must..

Niharika Singh, Chennai

Excellent work by Rito worth appreciation... Would strong recommend people people out here. Great experience.

Prerna Bangalore

Hi im BFA student ,am working now animator ,i interested tatto design, i want training . Sandeep Mashalji

Working Banglore ,native haveri

The best tattoo artist, the best place to get ink and the best first experience of my life today. Sachin, a special thanks to you for helping me dedicate this special tattoo to the 2 most important people of my life, 'My Parents'. I am so happy and it's all due to you amazing guys. Pls keep up this good work. Hopefully my 2nd tattoo will be coming for you guys really soon.


Studio Address

#21, 8th cross, 24th main,
J P Nagar 2nd Phase. Bangalore 560078.
(Near Ranga Shankara Theatre)

Email : mailus@trippink.com

Call us :

Ritopriyo Saha : +91 97482 98107

Sachin Shamarao : +91 98457 65558

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